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We’re really pleased to announce that we are working with Compass to deliver a professional development program for 2015/16.
We worked with them last festival to show Chapter 1 of a work in progress of our current piece If You Go Away, and it was a brilliant program full of artists we respect and admire, curated through the city in a way few other festivals in the city have.  We share an attitude and approach to live art in its multidisciplinary, playful and disruptive forms, taking place outside of traditional venues and spaces.  We thought we would be an interesting fit for their development program and are glad that they feel the same.


I don’t think we would necessarily consider ourselves as live artists in the performance sense of the word, although some of our practice very much is and a lot of it very much isn’t.  We make interactive art that without exception is alive, that needs to be populated by its audience and interacted with to be brought to life.  We make installations, live events, digital works and games.  In reference to all of the above we are calling our program through the year “Start”.


In my head this conjures up old 8 bit game screen with the words ‘press start’ blinking away, the moment just before you throw yourself into a game.  For Vicx it is about choice, to choose to actively begin something, you have to start somewhere.  This will probably be different for you.


Our program is going to be based around people.  As an organisation we do a lot of different things, have a lot of different skill sets, have done some stuff incredibly well, and also made some big mistakes; we work on quite a large scale with some partners that i sometimes find intimidating both here and abroad, and we know firsthand how complicated it is being an artist.  I don’t just mean in terms of practice, sure you have your ideas and some of these will be good, some not so much, but we don’t think that we should somehow spend a year telling others whether what they make is good or bad, that’s between you and your audience, instead we want to spend a year trying to make the day to day of actually being and living as an artist a bit better for all of us.


We will be putting on a series of events designed to bring us all together, artists at different stages of their career, with different wants and needs, not to show work, but to create spaces for us to talk and build relationships, to learn from each other, to better understand what we need and want from each other, build support and dare i say it a community.  we have a clear idea of some of the things we want and others are still up for grabs to be determined with you, the artists and makers of Yorkshire and the North.


We wanted to give it all some shape, so we are going to be hanging the program off some key preoccupations of ours:
participation and interaction, these feel important on a lot of levels as we look around us the work being made in the region and is also reflective of our own practice.


So here is what we have coming up next month:

Programme Launch Social Thursday 28th May @ 6pm

The Cross Keys Leeds

Social! We are starting the programme with an evening of drinks, chats, games and a raffle. This will be a relaxed and informal get together in Leeds and a chance for us to tell you our plans for the coming year and for you to tell us back how you think it should take shape. Come down to meet Invisible Flock, Compass and other artists working in the region.

Workshop: Using online platforms to tell stories

Thursday 21st May @ 1 – 4pm

ODI Leeds, 3rd Floor Munro House, Duke Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS9 8AG

A workshop open to artists, creatives, designers and anyone with an interest, exploring a new webmaker prototype tool and how it can be used to tell stories. This workshop will be lead by the Webmaker Field Research team from the Mozilla Foundation and Invisible Flock.

For more details and to register your place for this workshop email;

Mentorship Program Call Out

Are you a developing artist, maker or producer? Could you use a fellow professional to confide in? You would be paired with one of Invisible Flock’s four members who over one year will offer one to one support, advocacy and guidance designed to suit your specific needs.

Follow this link for application details;

All these events and opportunities are FREE but please let us know if you want to take part.

We look forward to seeing you at one of events, if you want to chat about it please get in touch.

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