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A first development blog for a new piece of work we’re making:


I Dream Of (Lagos)

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Victoria binaural recording the air conditioning units on either side of her


We’re starting 2016 by making a brand new piece of work – very fast

In late February we’re going to be showing it in Lagos (Nigeria) for the first time thanks to the British Council


I Dream Of is new digital piece – a duet for mobile phones.  You experience it in twos and guided by your phones it leads you and your partner on a 30 minute journey into a dream scape.


It premiering in Lagos but is going to travel to other cities throughout 2016.

As we’re making it very fast the process is going to be very upfront and i thought might make an interesting series of blog posts for those of you who like to keep up with these kind of things, so this is the first one.

We are building the piece in Unity (same thing we used for If You Go Away ) a platform i love/hate, its going to be built for Android and IoS and is a real attempt at pushing the interaction between the two audience members and making the multiplayer aspect a really social experience. We’re running each session as a two person multiplayer game where the two of you navigate through the text and choices and the real world exploring your own dreamscape.


Learning from the trials and tribulations of making IYGA i am starting methodically – building blocks that i can re-use in the logic of the game rathe than the more linear development style of ‘code what you need as it arrises’ that i employed for IYGA.  This means that to date i have mainly been thinking around getting the two phones to chat – stopping and starting the flow waiting for the other player to respond before you can advance – that sort of thing.  The networking is up and running – as is the general structure of the thing – i am trying to predict what we are going to do once we have finished deigning the content – hoping we don’t have ideas that are going to work against the code base i’m putting together… we shall see how the system handles the actual order of events and the experience once i start plotting it in next week.

Also it is a big piece of sound design – using a whole bunch of new gear mainly physical hardware things to make noise and to mangle samples and sounds – creating the constant soundtrack to your dreamscape using the field recordings and sounds we got when we were over there (a lot of air conditioning units) – its producing some really nice stuff already and its amazing to not be sound designing just with a mouse and screen but being more tactile with the noise which i like and is a nice counterpoint to the rest of the development the project needs

the sound setup we’re playing with



more will appear here as it happens – and we test in two weeks – let us know if you want to come and play





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