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Development diary #2 for I Dream Of


After a week of fiddling with synths to create nice spacey sounds and manipulating the sound of air-conditioning units to breaking point (examples of which i will post as soon as they are shaped into something presentable)


so here is a little bit of sound we brought back with us – a nice bit of binaural (so wear headphones) recording of a surprisingly calm sounding Lagos street, there’s lots of nice stuff happening around you as you listen – enjoy.

Other than that its back to some good old fashioned development this week.

We only have two weeks really to make the piece now – and there is a lot of it that still needs doing at a very basic level.

Sound and audience participation is one the key drivers of the whole thing, and its crucial that people can input themselves into the work – one of our favourite bits in If You Go Away was when we sampled the environment around you and looped it back into the soundscape and if it hit it just right it would create these beautiful loops that would create their own melodies in and amongst the ambient wall of sound that the piece threw at you.


IDO (I Dream Of) will be very similar – i like loops, and repetition and rhythms that slowly unfold and that’s what the soundscape is largely going to be made up of – but we are taking the audio sampling to a new level now.


I spent today building in a much more advanced sampler that doesn’t just hold onto your recording for a brief period but permanently creates a new file with it and uploads it to a server.  This means that the recordings player make can now be shared across time and space and streamed into each other’s experiences from our server.

This was one of the technical things we never quite got working when we last tried but its amazing what stepping away from something and a rest will do for you – its all running on some test builds after a day’s work which makes me very happy, and once again thankful that Unity for all its frustrations is such a ‘hack-y’ open-ended tool for making things and for the first time in a little while i enjoyed using it again, which is a good feeling.

tomorrow we tackle come more content.




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