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Development blog #3 for I Dream Of (Lagos)


Solid team day today – going back to our early blueprints – checking back in on the idea and working our exactly what its going to be – focussing on the duet and the interactions of the work


FullSizeRender (3)



The duet that the work is structured around centres the whole work – two of you each with a handset going on a 30-40 minute journey through a dreamscape together – interacting together and separately inputing and becoming part of the work.


Its a bit different to what we’ve made before and is both a very meditative piece – and a more fun game-like experience as well all trying to get the players to consider their city and their lives in that moment

we have identified the core interactions that can happen at any given time : audio input – written input – onscreen choice – and choreography (using the players as performers in each other’s work) – and how we are going to use those four component parts throughout the structure of the piece.

So the next steps is to layer in the missing bits of tech – the GPS and some of the new visual elements (at one point you are both floating around in space) and the all important visual style of the piece then start working our way through it chronologically making the piece one building block at a time…



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