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development blog #4 for I Dream Of (Lagos)

Past few days have been days of databases and back end stuff – i always think that one of the most valuable things you can learn how to use as an artist making digital work is databases and php (or any other language or format that can get stuff into and out of out of a database)

They seem clunky and boring but databases form pretty much the backbone of everything we make – mainly because they let us remember things and use them later – sometimes much later sometimes just minutes later – in this case they let you drop audio recordings you have made to GPS points and also send recordings to your partner in the duet its very exciting and the first time we’ve used them in such an immediate feedback kind of way.

Some of the actual content in starting to go in now –



planet and lines into distance



This is you as a planet in Leeds with a line stretching out into the galaxy to another planet all the way over in Lagos… in actuality you will both be planets at some point in the dream scape and are tethered to each other as you walk around the park – able to shout things to each other across the stars…


we’ve wireframed the layouts with V bringing some much needed order and shape to my always terrible layout (for some reason layout and GUI is the thing that i am the most incapable of doing) its a nice stark minimalist style that opens up in some of the dream moments


and the prospect of doing the sound design looms large – this is my workspace at the moment




running Unity on the laptop with the Ipad working as a second monitor for the code window and also for the script in Google Docs and slack for messaging that the team is running

the box with the lights is my launchpad to trigger clips in ableton running in the background and the two little synths are for making melodies and playing with samples as i go,


a lot of what i am doing at the moment is building the logic creating the flow of the piece and the events and sequences – so the whole thing can run as a bunch of wireframes and events with placeholder audio of me saying “VO number 1″ and then as of tomorrow loop back, and trudge back through my inevitable bugs and logic errors and plug in the nice content as i go

not much more to share yet but there will be content soon – showback number one is in a week!





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