2016 – then till now

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The past four months have been a crazy flurry of activity.

We’ve delivered a bunch of projects, began work on some long running ones that have been in the pipeline for a while and also working on some new commissions and smaller things in the works.  We’re a super small team of 4 and the time to communicate to the rest of the world what we are up to ,beyond cryptic twitter messages, is hard to find, so this post is an attempt to address that as some of you like to keep up with us, and we have some things coming up that we’re very excited about, as well as some opportunities.


I’m largely going to bullet point:




First up – what we are doing now:




Kites is our long running idea in collaboration with our friends Quicksand over in India.


kites phone proto

A re-imagining of a messaging app it is a year long digital work for mobile phones pairing up people in the UK and India and everyday for a year sending them a simple question or provocation, the answer to which is forwarded onto their partner, so that over the space of a year a portrait of this other person develops.

People can follow the experience online as well through a constant live visualization of the thousand of exchanges happening daily and at the end of it all the messages will erupt as large scale public art appearing on buildings both here in the UK and in India.


We are lining up some really exciting partners in the UK at the moment, and are in full prototyping mode with the app as we speak. Next week we go back to India to work on site there for two weeks.


and now what we have been up to:


Jan 2016 – till now:


we began by making a new piece of work I Dream of (Lagos). This was an attempt to finish the thoughts that we began with If You Go Away – but shrunk down to the form of a duet. A piece for mobile phones created for the Lagos Theatre Festival in Nigeria.



Then straight from Nigeria to Indonesia for a week with British Council and team of brilliant art/tech people from the UK discovering Indonesia and meeting other artists – quick blog i did for BC here




105dB and France:

105dB is our large scale public art sound installation about crowds - recording football games and crowds of 40,000 with lots of high precision microphones then recreating the architecture of the sound in public spaces.

We have just opened a smaller version of the piece called The Home Stand in Lille before we return there in June for a full 36 speaker version of the installation on the ground in the picture below:



We are also presenting the piece in Ghent in Belgium with Vooruit and here in Leeds.



We have been in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Iceland, across the UK and most recently all over the US interviewing people for our new piece Control – which is an exploration of how much Control do we actually have in our lives on a local and global scale. We are asking ‘experts’ all over the world to talk to us about our futures, what they look like, how we get there and how and what can we control along the way. We have interviewed too many brilliant people to list here so we will follow that in a separate post.

The piece will have a live element (although we have no idea what at the moment) and an online digital element which will allow you to explore the reams of interviews and carve out your own vision for a future.

More about the project here from Rich.


Discarded Things

A brand new project!!

We are working with Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group based near Blackpool who take care of a stretch of beach and will be creating public art objects with them.

We are super-excited about this one – we have been moving back towards objects and tangible making processes for a while and the project sits at that sweet spot of tech/social/participatory/real-world-impact where we like our work to be at the moment.




More on this one soon.




Another brand new one!

More sculpture but this time with The Wellcome Trust and working with FACT in Liverpool and the V&A to explore the physical effects of touch on our bodies and how lack of physical contact affects us all. A series of networked sculptures that respond to being touched and held in different ways.



In other general news – we are expanding our studio to include more making space for our projects allowing us to fit in more equipment, work on more stuff simultaneously and generally transform the studio into more of an asset rather than a place where we work together.




We will be running some residency schemes over the next year which will be based from the studio.


Also there may be some opportunites to work with us coming up on the horizon, especially if you are a lone developer working in mobile around the Leeds area, if so drop us a line with a link to stuff you’ve done, we’d love to meet up for a chat. There will be other stuff too, but its too early to talk about specifics.



If you have any questions or want to know more about any of the above projects or anything else in general – drop us a line as ever




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