+105Db this week of all weeks

We are doing +105 Db this week in Leeds our home city.

This week of all weeks it feels prescient important and challenging.


+105Db is a large scale sound work – recording the sound or large football stadiums (40,000 + people) with a large array of microphones capturing not just the sound and volume but the architecture of the surround sound that a stadium brings. We then take that sound and play it again – loudly – in public spaces.


It is a big gig – happening in Lille – Ghent and Leeds. Its simple and complicated all at once.


On the surface its fun, a 15 minute sound composition made up of people cheering their hearts out (and all the other emotions) to the game happening in front of them.  When a goal is scored its a visceral experience to be stood in the middle of it something animal kicks in like a surge of adrenaline.


Its about celebration, its about pride, its about passion.


But its also about anger, about frustration, about the sound of a crowd becoming the sound of a protest, about a space where you can cheer and scream as much as you can sing.

105 Decibels is the sound at which an individual’s voice can longer be made out in a crowd.


And this week of all weeks all of that feels important. Its how we feel and how we want our art to feel.


Come down and join us at the Tetley for the rest of today (Saturday 25th June).




ps: it was also a project made possible by  Arts Council England, Leeds Inspired, Leeds United, Yorkshire Festival and The Tetley. This project is part of a partnership project between East Street Arts (Leeds), l’Entorse (Lille, France) and Vooruit (Ghent, Belgium) entitled Ex[s]ports, and funded by EU – Creative Europe.

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