Autobiographical Food – a photo diary

Last weekend (9th of July) we ran the second (and third) of our Autobiographical Food Show’s. It’s a wonderfully simple idea – loosely inspired by Ready Steady Cook – we invite two artists to come and cook a dish for the audience and while they do they are led in a conversation around their practice by our friend and host Terry OConnor .

We talk about practice – what it means to be an artist – what role our lives play in the things that we make – and how we take care of ourselves and others through what we do – all while making food that is then shared with the audience. Its an artist talk without the endless talking and that tries to approach how we think talk and do practice in a different way. The first one took place in Sheffield and featured Bobby Baker and Selina Thompson.



Sitting #2 and #3 took place in a tent as part of Hillsfest in Sheffield and featured 4. Below is a mini photo diary of sorts.


Sitting #2 was Sheila Ghelani and Jennifer Booth – they cooked Dhall and Jelly Rabbits.


IMG_2851IMG_2871FullSizeRender 3 IMG_2888IMG_2855IMG_2883 FullSizeRender 2   IMG_2853   IMG_2872



Stitting #3 we hosted Leo Kay and Emma Bolland – who cooked a Brazillian black bean stew and Emma made jam.


IMG_2900 IMG_2912 IMG_2906 IMG_2907 IMG_2909 IMG_2913 IMG_2917


It was a wonderful and weird event that went to some beautiful fragile places and resulted in some wonderful food.


There will be another one in Leeds in November – so keep your eyes out for that as tickets will go fast!




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