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For the month of August we had a spotlight on our project Inaudible and our mapping trips to the Leuser Ecosystem. 

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We are recruiting! 

General Manager; deadline 12 September. A brand new role designed to support the organisation’s daily running and project production.

Trustees; deadline 1 October. Two new Trustee roles to join our board and support our continued growth, strategy and governance at an exciting and pivotal point.

Victoria spent 10 days experiencing the Amazon’s vibrant life and diverse interconnected ecosystem as part of Labverde. The destruction of this environment by the current government is a crime & an attack all species. Follow Labverde and the amazing work they’re doing to bring these issues to a global stage via arts and science collaboration. Featured here is an image from Balbina – A dead forest, murdered by the building of a hydropower dam, where the water level increase suffocated the trees living in the flood plain. 

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