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Waterman’s is hoping to move to a new building in the heart of Brentford – this new design includes a big screen on the outside façade of the building. The screen will show new media artworks, and we having been developing a prototype for this with them. 

Mapping the invisible ecosystems at play along the length of the River Brentford capturing fluid dynamics, flow, chemical concentrations of the water alongside aerial and underwater footage, this work asks how we can feel the living data generated by our water bodies and amplify the river’s existence in the growing urban context.

Akeelah Bertram is a Leeds-based visual artist who creates immersive environments out of light and sound. She is currently completing a 3 week residency in the Invisible Flock Studio after participating in the UnBox Festival Lab 2019 – Edges and Contours.

Follow her progress on Instagram: @akeelahbertram and @invisibleflock

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