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Aurora is an epic immersive experience about our changed global relationship to water.

Part of Liverpool 2018, a year long programme of cultural projects to mark the tenth anniversary of Liverpool being European Capital of Culture. A partnership led by FACT with British Council, Culture Liverpool, Invisible Flock and Dingle 2000.

Aurora Collaborators: Stories of Water

Summer nights during my childhood were spent standing on (what then seemed like the world’s most massive) sea wall in my dad’s ancestral village.

The sea has always been particularly rough around there. And there were no streetlights around then.

We walked up the wall with torchlight and then stood there in pitch darkness (except when the moon was out) and all we could hear was the thunderous roar of the sea as it crashed against the wall. And the spray would hit us unexpectedly.

People always talk about looking out at sea, but my most vivid memories of the sea are around listening to it.

Babitha George – Quicksand, India

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