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Hold is a research and development project exploring the creation of a series of networked sculptures, life size translucent figures discovered in public spaces that when touched or held awaken. Invisible Flock in collaboration with Prof Nadia Berthouze (UCL) Professor of Affective interaction and Computing in the faculty of Brain Science, will explore the relationship between touch sense and loneliness and the effects of touch deprivation on our physical and mental wellbeing, how its effects and our understanding of it can be enhanced by technology.

Supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. 

To date the research has taken place with participants in Liverpool who are living with dementia, and their families,  opening up a dialogue around our understanding of touch and how it is used and thought about in a care context.

We created three prototypes that offer new ways in which technology can be used to capture, measure and help us better understand touch. From re-imagining the mobile phone as a sensory experience, a custom glove that measure how couples hold hands through to an augmented photo album. 

Supported by FACT, Community Integrated Care and SURF group.

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