We are thrilled to announce a rolling programme of residencies, targeted towards early career artists working in the digital space. Each year residencies will take a slightly different form beginning this year with an international development focus in partnership with British Council Creative Economies and Quicksand (India). 

Bangalore/Leeds Residency – UK based Artist 

3-4 week residency, split into two parts: 1 week at Unbox Festival in Bangalore, India, and 2-3 weeks at the Invisible Flock Studio in Leeds, UK. 

Deadline: Friday 4 January 2019 at 12 noon. 

UK Residency – International Artist

Artist based outside the UK, 2-4 week residency in Leeds. The residency is designed as an opportunity for artistic development, providing space, facilities, support and mentorship.

Deadline: Friday 4 January 2019 at 12 noon. 

Invisible Flock are based at Patrick Studios. Our 3 studios include a design space, workshop and laboratory where all of our work and research takes place and are equipped accordingly. The workshop is designed for working with a wide variety of materials, and is equipped with a Laser cutter, a CNC, 3d printers and a comprehensive selection of workshop tools both bench mounted and hand tools. The laboratory is a fully equipped electronics prototyping lab, with an array of prototyping tools boards and components, as well as digital third party tools such as kinects, myo armbands etc. We also have a wide variety of computing options ranging from embeddable boards to powerful GPU machines and a selection of field recording and sound equipment.

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