Out from the Flood

Out From The Flood is a collaboration between Invisible Flock X Subzero exploring the environmental data being measured at the Oulanka Research Station in north-eastern Finland as it unfolds over this unusual time.

Out From the Flood is a living project evolving throughout 2020-2021. As a work that exists in dialogue with a landscape and the research being undertaken there it will be regularly updated with new scans, data sets and audio recordings as well as new interactions as new experiments and feeds become available to us. OFTF uses high density LiDAR scans and very large data sets to run, both of which can be very demanding on some computers. We cannot guarantee performance at this time on any machine that does not have a dedicated GPU.

In the Menu (press ‘M’) there are quality settings that may improve performance for some machines.

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Use *W, A, S, D keys and mouse to move around.

Hold *i key to show data readings


Data includes; Co2 measured at 2m from ground, air pressure, air temperature, soil heat flux, 3dimensional wind data, atmospheric radiation, Patoniva flood level, Kuusamo flight data, ongoing sound capture from Kuusamo airport, Ruka Ski resort, and Oulanka National Park.


About Oulanka Research Station

At Oulanka research station of the University of Oulu we’re doing cutting edge research on the effects of climate change on two different ecosystems: a nutrient-rich fen and a nutrient-poor pine forest. At the same time, in both locations we’re also studying the effects, both separate and combined with climate change, of heavy grazing pressure by large mammals (reindeer and moose) on those ecosystems. That is already kind of super-cool, but what really makes the research platform unique is that it combines state-of-the-art modern sensor systems that are automated and work 24/7/365 with a controlled, manipulated natural experiment. So the system is a marriage of top-level monitoring research with strict experimental methods: best of both worlds. On top of that, the system is designed to run until the world ends! To our knowledge, it is quite an unique combo. First real results are being compiled and articles being written as we speak.” – Riku Paavola, leader of Subzero and Senior Researcher, Station Manager at the Oulanka Research Station of University of Oulu, Finland.


Invisible Flock X Sub Zero are a collective of artists and scientists working at the edge of the Arctic where environmental research and art meet. Our hybrid practices intervene to expand understandings and experiences of environmental change through direct participation in research, visualising and re imagining the outputs of ecological sciences. The collective forms a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural collaboration, articulating and re imagining ways of communicating our relationship to the natural world.

This project is commissioned by The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes’ Together Alone project

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