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“light is the clearest with the darkest shade next to it” Katrin Oddsdottir

Control is an interactive multimedia documentary created in response to the political and social shifts taking place globally around us, resulting in an exploration of the world we are in now, the one we are set to inherit, and the one we would like to inhabit.

A new work devised from an ongoing global set of interviews with people who have unique insight and perspective on how we might effect positive change and shape the future. Control is a beautiful weaving of what it means to be human today; our experiences, our fears and our intrinsic connection to one another.

A highly visceral live work that uses technology to build a provocative sensory landscape in an intimate portrait of now.


Project collaborators: Simon Wainwright, James Hamilton, Leann Young, Rich Herrick and Babitha George


Funded by Arts Council England. Co-commissioned by Arts and Humanities Research Council, The University of Manchester, Theatre in the Mill and the ARC Stockton. Supported by Battersea Arts Centre, Quicksand India and Leeds City Council.

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