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“Humans are quite possibly the last creatures on earth to sense the coming of rain”

Elephants can sense a storm 150 miles away, what can they sense that we can’t and what can this tell us about how they live and how they are living in a shifting environment where human impact is changing the shape of everything. Through this project we aim to highlight the hidden, magical and often unseen elements of nature and how quickly it is shifting under our influence.


Inaudible is a new landmark work in collaboration with LEAP (Landscape Ecology and Primatology) based at Bournemouth University and LKF (Leuser Konservation Forum) based in Sumatra and Eureka! Children’s Museum based in Halifax. This work explores human elephant conflict and its effects on fragile populations and ecosystems in general.

Human elephant conflict is a huge issue driving the extinction of species across the globe and is symptomatic of our wider relationship towards the natural world. Together we are exploring the capture and analysis of infrasound communication and migration patterns of some of the last Asian elephants in North Sumatra.

This project addresses the complicated interaction between the last remaining Sumatran Elephants of the Leuser Ecosystem and the rural communities with whom they are increasingly entering into conflict

This project is working to record and capture the sound, movement and wider habitat of this fragile elephant population in order to shed a greater understanding of our relationship and symbiotic link to these creatures.

Taking the form of direct on the ground engagement with communities in Sumatra and Yorkshire leading to a series of large scale installation works Inaudible will take the form of research, field work and large scale mapping and capture culminating in a first new installation in the summer of 2020.

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