International Residencies


International Residencies

International Residencies

In February 2019, Invisible Flock attended Unbox Festival, Bangalore, which is co-founded by our partners in India, Quicksand. With support from British Council Creative Economy we are bringing 5 delegates from the UK and 1 from Uganda, to join 5 delegates from India at a makers lab in the lead up to the festival.

Find information about the delegates below.

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UK: Ailie Rutherford is a visual artist with an interest in alternative and feminist economies. Her collaborative practice is grounded in the places she works inviting people to become co-producers of works that activate public space and collectively imagine alternatives to the way we live now. 


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UK: Akeelah Bertram is a visual artist who creates immersive environments out of light and sound. Inspired by phenomenology and structuralism, her work aims to situate audiences in unfamiliar environments to challenge physical and ideological perspectives. 

Akeelah is Invisible Flock’s UK-based artist in residence 2019.

Bhagwati_Prasad 1

India: Bhagwati Prasad works with drawing and performance. He conducted extensive research with Sarai/CSDS on Delhi’s popular culture, water wars, and media life (2002-12), and his books include ‘Tinker. Solder. Tap.‘ (co-authored, 2009) and ‘The Water Cookbook‘ (2010).

Deepa Bhasthi

India: Deepa Bhasthi is a writer based in Bangalore. She is currently interested in critical inquiries at the intersection of languages, land versus landscape and food. Her essays, journalism and other writings have been published in Lithub, Guardian, Calvert Journal, Hyperallergic, MOLD, Himal Southasian, Art Review, The Hindu Businessline and elsewhere.

Garima 2019 2

India: Garima Gupta is an artist and researcher; her field of interest and study stretches from ornithology, topographical alterations and nuances of behaviour patterns between man and wild, primarily in the Southeast Asian archipelago.

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Uganda: Irma Catherine Wange uses design to engage, empower and educate across canvas, through painting, photography, product design, and transportation design to communicate with space. 

Irma is Invisible Flock’s Internationally-based artist in residence 2019.


UK: Sheila Ghelani is an artist whose work spans performance, installation, participatory event and moving image. She enjoys the weight of words when spoken or held and finds multiples of objects and actions arranged in repetitive patterns very reassuring.

IMG_7884 2

India: Siddharth Agarwal Otherwise trained as an aerospace engineer, Siddharth currently spends most of his time collecting stories while walking across India – along rivers and lesser accessed landscapes.

Fletch Pic

UK: Simon Fletcher is a musician and creative technologist from Leeds. He comes from a background of education and engineering which informs his creative practice. He is also a member of Leeds band Hope and Social.


India: Vishwanath Pasumarthi is an independent Integrated Designer based in India. His practice aims to bring the sciences of Complexity into informing Design. He is currently pursuing research and strategy intensive Design service.


UK: Sean Dooley is a mathematician turned photographer who spends his time exploring the interaction that occurs in the regions where human life meets its habitat.

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