Ongoing Research


Ongoing Research

Over the last four years we have created a number of artworks with individuals living with dementia and their carers or family members, asking together how we perform small gestures of intimacy and care.
As artists we are committed to exploring what a creative input into care might look like, whether through designing sensory systems or creating artworks that open up the wider context and thinking around care.

During Spring 2019 we worked with Dementia Peer Support Group in Leeds, a walking group visiting Roundhay park for a short walk each week. We documented the project as we worked together over three months, building a pair of gloves that maps a physical journey taken in pairs and abstracting the data into bespoke music boxes, gifted as a record of each couples shared experience together; a moment in time, frozen and replayable.

We are interested in alternative methodologies for measuring evidence in culture and health contexts, asking what happens when data collection exists within creative, collaborative frameworks, outside of a medical or diagnostic capacity. The results can be tangible and not simply a series of numbers in a database, but an abstraction of a shared moment in time, of physical proximity and love in the face of a disease.

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