Forest – Long Sleeved T-Shirt


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This long sleeved shirt was designed alongside our Inaudible project out in Sumatra. The design is created by one of our very first LiDAR scans of one of the elephants – Lilly – who we have been capturing alongside our friends and collaborators LEAP (Landscape Ecology and Primatology) based at Bournemouth University and LKF (Leuser Konservation Forum). We made them for the rangers in Indonesia, long sleeved and green for blending in with the jungle.

Human elephant conflict is a huge issue driving the extinction of species across the globe and is symptomatic of our wider relationship towards the natural world. Together we are exploring the capture and analysis of infrasound communication and migration patterns of some of the last Asian elephants in North Sumatra.

This project addresses the complicated interaction between the last remaining Sumatran Elephants of the Leuser Ecosystem and the rural communities with whom they are increasingly entering into conflict.

All proceeds of sales go directly to LKF (Leuser Konservation Forum) .




Forest Shirt – Designed for our friends in Sumatra for long days trekking in the jungle.