Invisible Flock operates at the intersection of art and technology.

We believe that art today must have a positive impact on society and the world we live in and as artists we have a responsibility to open up collective thinking and to build space for critical inquiry.

We are an award winning interactive arts studio based in the UK, making innovative artworks to be experienced and participated in by thousands all over the world. Drawing directly from the world around us we aim to create art and foster relevant art practices that have a long lasting transformative effect and that sit across multiple contexts and adjacent sectors, allowing us to bring our creative thinking and unique ways of employing technology to bear in contexts such as conservation, climate science, education, design, urban planning and healthcare.

The medium of technology has always been the best way for us to articulate new questions and generate alternative understandings of complex systems.

We create highly sensory installations and environments asking us to re-negotiate our emotional relationship to the natural world. Some examples of our practice include GPS powered AR art games, transformed discarded beach plastic into 3D printed artworks, large ambisonic sound installations as well as pioneering digital/physical installations that exist out at sea. Most recently we created Aurora, a multi sensory installation about climate change that re flooded a disused reservoir in Liverpool.

In the past 2 years Invisible Flock showcased work in Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Qatar, India and in galleries, museums and public spaces all over the UK proof of their truly global ambition to create art that matters.



Core Artistic Team


Victoria Pratt

Victoria is Invisible flock’s Creative Director. She is an artist and designer working across disciplines.  

Ben Eaton

Ben is Invisible Flock’s Technical Director. A digital artist and creative technologist, he is interested in the critical use of new technology, as well as place, hardware and sound.  

Catherine Baxendale

Catherine is Invisible Flock’s Executive Producer. She is interested in connectivity and generosity in interactive experiences.

Klavs Kurpnieks

Klavs is Invisible Flock’s Studio Manager and Lead Fabricator. His background is in fine art and design and he is interested in new materials and their use.

Anya Stewart-Maggs

Anya is Invisible Flock’s Assistant Producer. She is also a filmmaker; this includes documenting artists’ processes and outcomes, collecting footage from her immediate environment, and exploring cross-overs between nature and technology.

“Multi-platform makers of rare ambition & invention” The Guardian


Invisible Flock are part of Sub Zeroa collective of artists and scientists working at the edge of the Arctic where environmental research and art meet. Our hybrid practices intervene to expand understandings and experiences of environmental change through direct participation in research, visualizing and reimagining the outputs of ecological sciences. The collective forms a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural collaboration, articulating and reimagining ways of communicating our relationship to the natural world.



Ellen Rutherford

Ellen Rutherford is Invisible Flock’s chair. Ellen’s background is in the not for profit sector. After starting her career in fundraising for an arts charity she now works for the UK’s leading social integration charity, The Challenge. She is responsible for ensuring over 40,000 young people engage in NCS, a programme which brings together young people from different backgrounds to enact social change, across the UK every year.

Cleo Schoeps

Cleo Schoeps: With a background in Art History, Archeology and Literature studies, Cleo has led global cultural projects for over a decade. This includes innovative partnerships such as the Guggenheim UBS Map Global Art Initiative in collaboration with the New York based Guggenheim Museum Foundation to national youth engagement programmes in Switzerland. Her role ranges from setting the strategic vision, develop and implement all project related activation and the management of  multiple stakeholders. Cleo has also helped initiate major multi-platform storytelling projects to activate communities at a regional, national and international scale. Through her mentoring work, she supports visionary artistic projects and groups to achieve their fullest potential. 

Justin Audibert

Justin is Artistic Director of the Unicorn Theatre.

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