Invisible Flock are an interactive arts studio based in Leeds, making groundbreaking innovative artworks to be experienced & participated in by thousands all over the world.

Described in the Guardian as “multi-platform makers of rare ambition & invention” our technologically driven practice seeks to redefine & disrupt traditional perceptions & models of global art practice.

Drawing directly from the world around us our mission is to create & foster relevant & contemporary practices that have a long lasting transformative effect.

If you go away

who we are

Ben Eaton

Ben is a digital artist, a self taught coder he is interested in games, systems and emergence and is particularly interested in designing with new technology to create experiences that empower or are just a lot of fun.

Victoria Pratt

Victoria is a visual artist and designer. She is interested in the relationship between the virtual and physical, the digital and the tangible.

Richard Warburton

Rich is a writer and interactive artist. Interested in and influenced by landscapes, maps, time travel, the scale of everything, death, immortality, the sea, space and work that welds us a little closer together. Optimistic about being an optimist.

Catherine Baxendale

Catherine is Invisible Flock’s Creative Producer. She is interested in connectivity and generosity in participatory experiences.

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