Invisible Flock are Leeds-based artists driven by a desire to invite people to re-imagine their everyday.

Their work draws from real life, often using technology to incite meaningful encounters, whether they take place online, on city streets, out at sea, in galleries or in empty spaces.

Invisible Flocks' work exists at the point at which it meets the audience; interactive work that is brought to life by taking part, walking, submitting, or co-creating it alongside the artists.

Invisible Flock is an organisation led by three artists Ben Eaton, Victoria Pratt and Richard Warburton, they work together from their studio in Leeds.

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Invisible Flock are supported by East Street Arts, Leeds City Council and Arts Council England

Invisible Flock 2013

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Bring the Happy 2012 : Mark Newton Photography

Sea Of Voices 2012 : Victoria Pratt Photography

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Sand Pilot 2012 : Ian Hughes Photography

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