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About Us

about us

Invisible Flock are an award-winning interactive arts studio based at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and The Hub at Wellcome Collection, operating at the intersection of art and technology.

We are artist led.

Our studios are sustainable laboratory spaces hosting us, our collaborators and a rolling residency programme. We create highly sensory installations and environments asking us to renegotiate our emotional relationship to the natural world.

Our aim is to open up critically important ways of thinking about how we live, how we connect and share to live better together in a global society. To achieve this we believe that art must be made alongside a broad range of different people. We strive to work with those people living at the forefront of our world’s greatest issues.

Our work explores the environmental crisis in all its forms. We dedicate our time to exploring this most important issue of our time and how digital art practices can offer new perspectives and practical solutions and engage with those often excluded from these conversations. We infiltrate many sectors aiming to have a creative impact on ecology, politics, health and society and to expose wherever possible that everything is fluid and can be rebuilt and reconfigured to be better. 

The medium of technology has always been the best way for us to articulate new questions and generate alternative understandings of complex systems. As we find ourselves in a reality where digital is present in everything, we believe challenging, manipulating and playing with this reality allows us the agency to look at the world we live in from different perspectives.

Over the last eleven years we have deeply immersed ourselves in research, field work, large scale mapping and capture, working alongside communities, environmental data and forming a crucial understanding of place. We have created bespoke Open Field Recorders, long form immersive sound and light experiences, durational multi sensory online experiences, GPS powered AR art games, created large ambisonic public sound installations as well as pioneering digital/physical installations that exist out at sea.

Current and recent projects include LBE (Land Body Ecologies) a two-year research project, the Wellcome Trust Hub Award, that brings together a team of human rights activists, mental health researchers, scientists, and artists to research the phenomenon of solastalgia. Microtonal (2022 -), an award winning sound installation exploring the stories, cultures and land that can be found in between the notes of the western chromatic scale. Bodies Joined (2022-), created for the Health Pavilion at COP27, a reminder of how our health is impacted by climate change and environmental factors and why we need to put it at the centre of these negotiations. Forest, a durational artwork about how we can imagine and build a symbiotic future with the natural world to be part of Leeds 2023, Aurora (2018) a multi sensory installation about climate change that re-flooded a disused reservoir in Liverpool; Inaudible (2019 – present) exploring human elephant conflict and its effects on fragile populations and ecosystems; The Sleeping Tree (2020 –), a long form, immersive, sound and light experience connecting audiences with the distant ecosystems in collaboration with LEAP (Landscape Ecology and Primatology, Bournemouth University), SOCP (Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme) and FKL (Leuser Conservation Forum), commissioned by Brighton Festival and also realised as a publication; and Out From the Flood (June 2020 –), a collaboration with Subzero that will result in the creation of an online generative data visualisation exploring environmental data being measured at the Oulanka Research Station in northern Finland.

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Core Artistic Team


Victoria Pratt

Victoria is Invisible Flock’s Creative Director. She is an artist and designer working across disciplines.  

Ben Eaton

Ben is Invisible Flock’s Technical Director. A digital artist and creative technologist, he is interested in the critical use of new technology, as well as place, hardware and sound.  

Catherine Baxendale

Catherine is Invisible Flock’s Executive Producer. She is interested in connectivity and generosity in interactive experiences.

Amy Balderston

Amy is Invisible Flock’s General Manager. She is also an illustrator and homeware designer.

Hsi-Nong Huang

Hsi-Nong Huang is Invisible Flock’s Operational Assistant. Work and live between Taipei and London.

Cecilia Vilela

Cecilia Vilela is a member of Invisible Flock as Project Manager of Land Body Ecologies. The breadth of her activities in the visual arts has the common thread of ‘articulation’ in its broadest sense: she organises words, artworks, ideas, or people.

Nikki Mendu

Nikki Mendu is Land Body Ecologies Engagement and Communications Coordinator, and a member of Invisible Flock. Her background is in communications and research in social impact. Passionate about creativity, critical pedagogy, and intersectional feminist thought, she is enthusiastic about incorporating these approaches into her efforts towards broader social change.

Ralph Shuttleworth

Ralph is Invisible Flock’s Fabricator and Studio Technician. Ralph is also a sculptor and process focussed designer working in Yorkshire.

“Multi-platform makers of rare ambition & invention” The Guardian



Invisible Flock are part of Sub Zeroa collective of artists and scientists working at the edge of the Arctic where environmental research and art meet. Our hybrid practices intervene to expand understandings and experiences of environmental change through direct participation in research, visualizing and reimagining the outputs of ecological sciences. The collective forms a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural collaboration, articulating and reimagining ways of communicating our relationship to the natural world.

Associate Artists


Digital Nativ


Founded by Miebi Sikoki, Digital Nativ is a design and fabrication studio exploring technological processes based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a collective, the studio focuses its work to research, modify and customize industrial grade and emerging technologies, to hack the gap between the industry and the individual.

Miebi and Invisible Flock have worked on multiple projects together over the past 5 years.

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Sheila Ghelani

Sheila works as both an independent and collaborative artist, having made research-led performance work, place-responsive live art, moving image works, and social art projects engaging participants across age and background, in the UK and internationally for over 25 years. She is interested in the relationship between art and science with particular focus on hybridity informed by her own experience of being mixed heritage (Indian/English), and the practice of medicine and care.

Sheila works with Invisible Flock as part of the Land Body Ecologies Group

Simon Fletcher


Fletch works with Invisible Flock as an Interactions Engineer. He is a creative technologist and musician from Leeds with a keen interest in how people learn and the links and overlaps between technical problem solving and creativity.



Quicksand is an interdisciplinary design research and innovation consultancy based in India. Their work is driven by an approach that seeks to build on a rich, evocative understanding of people and environments, into meaningful opportunities. All Quicksand’s work is grounded in the realities of people, co-creating with rather than for; tuned to inform and inspire, and focused on realising experienceable value.

Quicksand and Invisible Flock have collaborated consistently since 2014 and continue to do so.



Ellen Rutherford

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Ellen Rutherford is Invisible Flock’s chair. Ellen is an experienced Operations and Programme Director who has focussed largely on delivering government contracts across the youth, criminal justice and employability sectors. Her background has predominately been working for and with not-for-profit organisations.

Cleo Schoeps


With a background in Art History, Archeology and Literature studies, Cleo has led global cultural projects for over a decade.This includes innovative partnerships such as the Guggenheim UBS Map Global Art Initiative in collaboration with the New York based Guggenheim Museum Foundation to national youth engagement programmes in Switzerland. Her role ranges from setting the strategic vision, develop and implement all project related activation and the management of  multiple stakeholders. Cleo has also helped initiate major multi-platform storytelling projects to activate communities at a regional, national and international scale.

Justin Audibert


Justin is Artistic Director of the Unicorn Theatre. Recent directing credits include: THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (RSC); SNOW IN MIDSUMMER (RSC/Oregon Shakespeare Festival); THE JUMPER FACTORY by Luke Barnes (Young Vic Prison Project); MACBETH/WINTER’S TALE (NT Learning); THE BOX OF DELIGHTS by John Masefield; adapted by Piers Torday (Wilton’s Music Hall); BEOWULF by Chris Thorpe (Unicorn Theatre); THE CARDINAL by James Shirely (Southwark Playhouse). Justin co-wrote and co-presented the BBC LIVE LESSONS on Shakespeare for the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2012 he was the recipient of the Leverhulme Award for Emerging Directors from the National Theatre Studio.

Carey Jewitt

Carey square

Carey Jewitt is Professor of Learning and Technology, at UCL Knowledge Lab, a specialist research unit in University College London, UK. Her research is on the social aspects of how digital technologies re-mediate interactions, multimodal and visual methods, and she is particularly interested in methodological innovation at the intersection of social sciences and the arts. Carey is Director of IN-TOUCH a 5-year ERC Consolidator Award ( which explores the social implications of how touch is being brought into the design of digital devices and environments. Carey has (co-) authored a number of books, most recently – Interdisciplinary Insights for Digital Touch Communication (2020) and Introducing Multimodality (2016).

Akeelah Bertram

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Akeelah Bertram is a cross-disciplinary creator who specialises in making immersive experiences. She is interested in collective narratives, challenging perspectives and innovating modes of communication. Her work involves creating fluid systems for collaboration and intuitive use, and often involves her shifting between the roles of artist and director. Akeelah has exhibited nationally and internationally since studying at the University of Leeds, Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Dresden) and the Royal College of Art (London). In September 2020 Akeelah will be appointed as the Gatenby Fellow in Contemporary Art at the University of Leeds, UK.

Ben Elliott

Elliott Ben_2_BW

Ben is a corporate lawyer in the private equity practice at Pinsent Masons LLP (an international law firm which specialises in the energy, infrastructure, financial services, real estate and advanced manufacturing and technology sectors, ranked in the top 15 law firms in the UK).  Ben advises both institutional investors, corporates and management teams on buy-outs, buy-ins, fund raisings and related acquisitions and disposals.  Ben concentrates on transactions involving companies operating in the technology, retail and consumer, business services and professional services industries. Ben is married, lives in London and in his spare time likes to chuck on a pair of trainers and head out for a run.

Bhavani Esapathi

Bhavani square

Bhavani Esapathi is a writer, maker & social-tech activist primarily focussed on chronic autoimmune diseases, eco-racism & migration. Previously, she was an elected Councillor for the RSA, been on numerous boards for the NHS and Patient Engagement Programmes and is the current Arts & Science President of British Science Association.

Riccardo Labianco

Riccardo square

Dr Riccardo Labianco is an international lawyer specialised in the law of human rights, humanitarian operations, disarmament, arms control, and international peace and security. Riccardo has researched the responsibility of arms-exporting states, humanitarian principles, humanitarian disarmament, and the enjoyment of civil and political rights in Middle Eastern countries (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Egypt). Riccardo is currently International Policy Coordinator at Mines Advisory Group and Post-Doc Research Associate at the School of Law, Gender, and Media at SOAS – University of London. Aside from his international law work, Riccardo is passionate about photography, drawing, gardening, and skiing.

Kinnari Bhatt

Kinnari square

Dr. Kinnari Bhatt is a multi-disciplinary lawyer and development practitioner. Kinnari is experienced in the law, policy and regulation of natural resources, energy, and infrastructure projects in developing countries. She is interested in demystifying the social impacts of development projects and ensuring that climate finance is equitable and accountable. She finds solutions through empowerment, law, and policy. Kinnari has written widely on land and Indigenous rights in the context of business and finance. She is founder of Surya Advisory: an independent legal advisory focused on just transition and lives in the Hague with her partner.

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