Land Body Ecologies Podcast

Series 1 is a six-episode podcast series sharing stories of solastalgia from land dependent and Indigenous communities affected by environmental change.

Each episode of storytelling is paired with a B-side where the landscape speaks for itself. Sounds captured in the environment are turned into sound art, and musical expressions unearth from the land.

Communities featured are based in the Arctic, Kenya, Thailand, Uganda and India, and each episode will be available in English as well as in its respective local language.

Land Body Ecologies Podcast is created and produced by Invisible Flock.


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Episode 5 Born From Here

In this episode we travel to the edges of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Kanungu District. Looking to the dense green hills that hold fields of sunflowers and ridges overlooking sacred trees, we invite listeners to hear the lasting impacts on the health, culture, and livelihoods of the Batwa 30 years on from evictions.


Image Siwakorn Odachao

Episode 4 The Crying Place 

In Pgak’yau, Haku (ฮากุ) means the crying place. That is what we call the earth. In all important moments, we cry. When we are born we cry, when we feel happy we cry, and we cry because we suffer. Pgak’yau philosophy expresses the need to slow down for the earth, and the need to take care and take accountability for our world.


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Image Carl-Johan Utsi

Episode 3 The End of This World

The End of This World, journeys through Sápmi, from Jåhkåmåhkke to Vájsáluokta. Amid the sacred relationship between the Sámi people and the reindeer, a story of a reindeer corral carried out on top of a mountain features a journey of several losses: of beings, of entire landscapes, and of cultural practices.


Image Jason Taylor
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Episode 2 Honey 

In Honey, we explore the Mau Forest in the Rift Valley, Kenya, where the population of honeybees have declined in recent decades due to deforestation, forest encroachment and logging. Bees are central to the identity of the Ogiek, an indigenous community that calls the Mau Forest home despite decades of continuous experiences of eviction in the name of conservation.


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Episode 1 The Free River 

The Free River tells the story of Kemijoki, Finland’s longest river that cuts across the country’s northern region. As the first hydroelectric power station was constructed on the river between 1945–1949, the damming of the river Kemi represented a death blow for a salmon-fishing culture that was centuries old, and changed forever the course and balance of this powerful thriving river and ecosystem.


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