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Our ongoing and live projects can be found in our Portfolio. Here we present monthly snapshots of the finer detail of what we’re up to. Our newsletter, research and development updates, announcements, breakthroughs and excitements.

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The first of a five-episode podcast series as part of our project Land Body Ecologies. Created to share stories of communities affected by environmental change. The podcast is co-produced by Invisible Flock and sound artist Chris Watson

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Introducing Aurelie Fontan and Ashley Granter, the founders of Osmose an interdisciplinary design studio focused on regenerative circularity and sustainability, and Mykko an award winning mycelium leather company.

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A growing collection of stories and photo essays from our interdisciplinary network. Seeking to understand lived experiences of land trauma among marginalised communities.

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Here she shares her second journal piece, development and exploration around the interconnectedness we have with the trees.

An investigation and artistic response to two questions: How can I reach out to connect and meet the realm of the trees? Do we have a common “language” to share?

Stephen Kotioko in Mau Forest. Image by Jason Taylor.

We are overjoyed to announce that we have won the prestigious Wellcome Trust Hub award with Land Body Ecologies Research Group (LBE). Together with our collaborators we will spend two years at the Wellcome Trust exploring the deep interconnections between ecosystems and mental health among marginalised communities worldwide.

Our work seeks to understand the traumas endured when the land suffers.

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