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Our ongoing and live projects can be found in our Portfolio. Here we present monthly snapshots of the finer detail of what we’re up to. Our newsletter, research and development updates, announcements, breakthroughs and excitements.


We are recruiting for a brand new role to join the Invisible Flock Team.

This integral role will support the Creative Director and the team in the development, set up and running of a new and complex project for the next two years based in London. It will involve working with a large group of international collaborators from multiple disciplines and this role will help support successful communication and smooth running of the project.

Deadline for applications 16 August 2021

Stephen Kotioko in Mau Forest. Image by Jason Taylor.

We are overjoyed to announce that we have won the prestigious Wellcome Trust Hub award with Land Body Ecologies Research Group (LBE). Together with our collaborators we will spend two years at the Wellcome Trust exploring the deep interconnections between ecosystems and mental health among marginalised communities worldwide.

Our work seeks to understand the traumas endured when the land suffers.

Whop, Cawbaby 2018, 8mm Still. By Tanoa Sasraku.
12.Whop Cawbaby_2018_8mm Still_1

The UK edition of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)’s Green Guide.

This publication collects together commissioned creative responses, articles and a series of over 30 conversations with artists, collectives and organisations based in the UK whose core practice is grounded in sustainable, ecological, environmental and/or climate based understandings.

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