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12.Whop Cawbaby_2018_8mm Still_1
Whop, Cawbaby 2018, 8mm Still. By Tanoa Sasraku.

The UK edition of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)’s Green Guide.

This publication collects together commissioned creative responses, articles and a series of over 30 conversations with artists, collectives and organisations based in the UK whose core practice is grounded in sustainable, ecological, environmental and/or climate based understandings.

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IARA is a new work that seeks to understand the life cycle of the Macacarecuia (Eschweilera tenuifolia (O.Berg) Miers), one of the oldest trees in the Amazon, approximately 1200 years old. The work is created using 118 years of recorded flood pulse data provided by the platform HidroWeb operated by the Brazilian Agency of Waters which drives the movements of the camera, the editing of the perspectives and the soundscape.


Faint Signals Invisible Flock 1 240920

Introducing new work – Faint Signals. An invitation to slow down, an opportunity to experience an imagined British woodland, densely populated with sounds of nature from the British Library’s archive.

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