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The Land Body Ecologies festival was a major festival exploring the relationship between mental health and environmental change that took place at Wellcome Collection in June 2023. Over four days, the festival filled five floors of Wellcome Collection with free art installations, workshops, talks, films, and performances. This sensory, communal, and reflective sharing is the culmination of two years of exploration by Land Body Ecologies, a collective of human rights activists, mental health researchers, scientists, academics, and artists.

Produced by Unbox Cultural Futures and Invisible Flock


The fourth episode of the Land Body Ecologies podcast is now available. It travels across the mountainous, green terrain of Ban Nong Tao, Northern Thailand. Sharing the story of the Pgak’yau (Karen) community held at the base of rocky mountain faces,  green forests and rice paddies, expressing the need to slow down for the earth, and the need to take care and take accountability for our world.

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In March 2023 we have welcomed two new artist residencies into the studio. HanFei, an Art Collective Group – their main practice is in Kinetic Art and sculptures. And Henry Cottam, a visual artist working across sculpture, moving image and print making. They are settling into the workshop and scanning paraphernalia respectively and we’re excited to share more soon.

Pavilion new square

Nature is a biologic mirror to the stories and structures of our bodies

Earlier this year we were invited to curate and design the Health Pavilion at COP27. It is designed to centre the message of our project Land Body Ecologies, it is a reminder of how our health is impacted by climate change and environmental factors and why we need to put it at the centre of these negotiations.

borindos square one

It sounds like the wind, the earth

At the end of October we premiered a new sound work at Karachi Biennale alongside collaborators Faqir Zulfiqar, the master potter Allahjurio. Created to explore the stories, cultures and land that can be found in between the notes of the western chromatic scale.

It won the Jury Prize for 2022, and we recently created a short video to invite you to witness the creation and realisation of this work, you can watch it here: Invisible Flock Instagram

Honey square one

The second installment of the podcast series we’re creating as part of Land Body Ecologies is now available. In episode 2 – Honey, we explore the Mau Forest in the Rift Valley, Kenya, where the population of honeybees have declined in recent decades due to deforestation, forest encroachment and logging.

VA square

In what ways are you rock, soil, air or water?

Late September we were delighted to be part of the Design Weekender at the V&A. A weekend of free workshops, talks and demonstrations exploring the intersection of technology and design. We presented works exploring digital ways of visualising climate change with collaborators across the Land Body Ecologies team.

Podcast square

The first of a five-episode podcast series as part of our project Land Body Ecologies. Created to share stories of communities affected by environmental change. The podcast is co-produced by Invisible Flock and sound artist Chris Watson

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