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Our ongoing and live projects can be found in our Portfolio. Here we present monthly snapshots of the finer detail of what we’re up to. Our newsletter, research and development updates, announcements, breakthroughs and excitements.

Honey square one

The second installment of the podcast series we’re creating as part of Land Body Ecologies is now available. In episode 2 – Honey, we explore the Mau Forest in the Rift Valley, Kenya, where the population of honeybees have declined in recent decades due to deforestation, forest encroachment and logging.

VA square

In what ways are you rock, soil, air or water?

Late September we were delighted to be part of the Design Weekender at the V&A. A weekend of free workshops, talks and demonstrations exploring the intersection of technology and design. We presented works exploring digital ways of visualising climate change with collaborators across the Land Body Ecologies team.

Thailand square

In August Vic travelled to Thailand to meet collaborators Swae Odachao and Jennifer Katanyo in the Ban Nong Tao Pgak’yau (Karen) community in Northern Thailand. Here they began work on our third podcast talking land rights, slowing down for nature, sustainable rotational farming and Karen philosophy for living with nature. Full reflections can be found in the link to the Land Body Ecologies blog above.

Podcast square

The first of a five-episode podcast series as part of our project Land Body Ecologies. Created to share stories of communities affected by environmental change. The podcast is co-produced by Invisible Flock and sound artist Chris Watson

Osmose square

Introducing Aurelie Fontan and Ashley Granter, the founders of Osmose an interdisciplinary design studio focused on regenerative circularity and sustainability, and Mykko an award winning mycelium leather company.

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