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This month we are happy to share two new online projects. Iara is an online artwork presented as part of Festival LABVERDE looking to understand the life cycle and stories of the Macacarecuia tree ‘Yara’ one of the oldest trees in the Amazon, approximately 1200 years old. Walk Like A Bee is a new collaboration with the Ban Nong Toa Pgak’yau (Karen) community, Siwakorn Odochao and new media artist Jennifer Katanyoutanant, developing an interactive “walking workshop” method to interact with the Pgak’yau forests in Northern Thailand.

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Introducing new work – Faint Signals. An invitation to slow down, an opportunity to experience an imagined British woodland, densely populated with sounds of nature from the British Library’s archive.

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A workshop exploring conversations on ways in which we can learn and understand forests through multiple research practices from mapping and data capture, immersive relationships and long form experimentation.

Welcoming presentations from four unique perspectives, taking us from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon via English woodlands and the Yorkshire Dales.

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