The Sleeping Tree

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The Sleeping Tree

Every night, deep in the forests of North Sumatra the Siamang Gibbons sleep in special sleeping trees, choosing one of six trees for the family to return to each evening, the same six trees that they have used for generations. 

The Sleeping Tree is a long form, immersive, sound and light experience connecting audiences with the distant and fragile ecosystems of North Sumatra. Developed from environmental data and 5000+hours of audio collected during a month long mapping process, the installation follows the traces of one of the remaining families of Siamang, as they wake, roam and rest in their forest. 

Tracking the life of one of the last great rainforests, The Sleeping Tree creates an evolving biome constructed from water, light and highly immersive sound. Strapped to a real time month long capture the work asks you to be inside the forest and let it seep into you, become lost and drift inside one of the planet’s most important ecosystems.

This work has been made alongside Bournemouth University and with rangers and primatologists from SOCP working on the frontline of conservation.

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