Invisible Flock are artist led.

Our studios are laboratory spaces hosting us, our collaborators and a rolling residency programme. We create highly sensory installations and environments asking us to renegotiate our emotional relationship to the natural world. 

From autumn 2021 our studio at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park expanded to include the Hub at Wellcome Collection following our successful application to the Wellcome Trust Hub Award for major new project, Land Body Ecologies. 

Our studio in Yorkshire is a space to prototype and iterate at scale, where we host an increased residency program. Through our workshop, biolab, materials and space, we have scope and means to operate at a large, flexible and creative scale.

The Hub is a base for our project, Land Body Ecologies, it hosts us alongside a team of extended collaborators, designed and built for deep collaboration, ideas and public engagements. Our work here centres on embedded research practices with a focus on health and land.

The two spaces weave and feed into one another. They have a shared team, dialogue and resonance.

Directly below you can read up on how we are developing our studio. Further down there is information and links to our residencies and development work.


Our studio is based at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

We are in a constant process of learning and developing ways we can be more sustainable, working with our peers and multi sector collaborators to gather knowledge and design approaches together. 

Invisible flock is part of GALA (Green Art Lab Alliance) a network of 42 international organisations committed to what environmental sustainability means for the visual arts and design sector.


Our studio is powered by 100% renewable energy. 




Materials come from accredited sustainable sources and we are developing sustainable procurement guidelines.

Materials are re-purposed and recycled wherever possible to eliminate waste.

Electronic components are stripped down and made reusable after each project has ended.

We are exploring alternative recyclable/biodegradable materials in our workshop.





We serve vegetarian food at our events and workshops.

We have communal lunches in the studio whenever possible to reduce food waste.

Our small garden allows us to grow food and compost food waste from the kitchen.


studio 3


Electric car charging is available at our studio for the use of our team and guests.




We are undertaking a 3 year project called the cost of innovation.

Researching the hidden costs of digital tools to the environment.

How as a sector we can better share digital resources. 


Limiting how much tech we buy and waste and investing in equipment from ethical supply chains. 

Making it accessible to other artists through our studio. 



We are working alongside local partners to highlight and improve the recycling issues at our postcode. 

 We rely on recycling only when there is no re-use option.


Studio 4
Hero Feature Slim Workshop

Bio Lab

Created in collaboration with artists in residence Osmose Lab, the Bio Lab is a space designed to host, grow, explore, discover, hone and create across a wide spectrum of biomaterials. A biochemical research station that includes pressure cookers, flowhoods, a microscope, dehydrator and extensive lab equipment. It is set up for analyses and the manipulation and cultivation of biomaterials, with space for prototyping and development of new installations and equipment.

Square Image Bio Lab
Square Image Bio Lab Two


Residencies are an important element to our studio practice. Under our 3 year project, The Cost of Innovation, we are able to offer the opportunity to invite artists to join us in investigating models and tools for innovation in our sector. This is a rolling programme, while we seek further international and national opportunities alongside this. Full details on our past, current and future residencies can be found on the links below.



Our development work is constantly evolving through the innovative and reactive nature of our practice. Each project, collaboration, concept and installation require us to create, disrupt and invent. Our development section showcases a snapshot of some of the technology and prototypes that we have created.

OFR Monkey Web


Our journal brings insight to the inner workings, thoughts, processes and creative practice of the Invisible Flock team. From the code heavy to inner monologues on both research and artistic expression.

Journal hero image

Cost of Innovation

The Cost of Innovation is a three year project that investigates models and tools for innovation in the creative sector, exploring how true technical innovation can be supported while focussing on access and ecological action. 

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