Our journal brings insight to the inner workings, thoughts, processes and creative practice of the Invisible Flock team. From the code heavy to inner monologues on both research and artistic expression.

We hope to showcase everything from the practical to the academic, the hands on to more conceptual thinking with rotating authors from the studio.

Hanfei square

A new journal post by Artist collective Hanfei presenting Whispering – a kinetic sculpture created during their time as Artists in Residence at our studio.

Henry square journal

Artist in Residence Henry Cottam shares his experiences of working alongside us at the studio developing his practice through experimenting across various equipment and mediums in 3D scanning .

Forest close square

Reflections from Ben and Vic, on the closing of This is a Forest – and transitioning onwards to designing and curating the Health Pavillion for the WHO at the global climate Cop conference.

Miia square

Artist in Residence Miia Kettunen shares her second journal piece, development and exploration around the interconnectedness we have with the trees.

Beech square copy

Artist in Residence Miia Kettunen shares her thoughts of living organic and technologically created dimensions through her time here in our Yorkshire studio.

Wateriness square

Artist in Residence Daksha Patel shares her experiences of time spent exploring the mapping technologies of LiDAR from our studio summer 2021.

studio square

Our Studio Manager Klavs writes about our journey so far in becoming a sustainable studio at our new base at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Navigation and working insight to the creation of our new online work Out From the Flood. This is a long form interaction and dialogue with a research station on the edge of the arctic circle in northern Finland.

duet fade square

Ben, our Technical Director, presents an insight to the planning, development and creation of Out From The Flood and Duet- 2 – two digital outputs created in the world of lockdown.

Further content, writing and output can be found in our publications, with additional links to our musings on the wider web below.

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