UK Residencies


UK Residencies

UK Residencies

A rolling programme of residencies taking place from our studio at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, targeted towards both national and international artists working in digital spaces. Each year residencies will take a slightly different form often with an environmental and socially engaged focus.

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Barnsley Artist Residency 2024

Barnsley Artist Residency – 2024

The residency is designed for artistic development, providing space, facilities and support to two artists or one collective in the local Barnsley area at our studio at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 

It is an opportunity for an artist or collective to work alongside Invisible Flock for 10 days in August 2024, grouped or spaced in response to the needs/specifics of practice in agreement with both parties and the work you hope to do.

This residency is specifically designed for artists wanting to access the equipment and facilities we have in our studio space to develop their practice. We invite you to bring ideas at an early stage of development that involves a new or innovative use of the facilities and technology this space presents.

Our studio at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park also comes fully equipped with a fabricating workshop with a large scale CNC machine, a fully equipped electronics lab, plus a large open space with a rig to create, test and iterate with sound and AV at scale. In terms of equipment, we have extensive sound recording tools, LiDAR and Faro scanners, a laser cutter, 3D printer, a small kiln, a full host of lab equipment, a wide variety of computing options and access to licences for software such as Touch Designer, Reality Capture and Faro Scene.

More information can be found via our Studio page here:


Invisible Flock’s ‘Barnsley Artist Residency’ has been commissioned by Barnsley’s Cultural Development Fund programme ‘Storying Barnsley’.


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Artist in Residence - 2023

Vandria Borari – Borari Alter do Chão, The Amazon

Vandria is an indigenous woman from Alter do Chão, in the Lower Tapajós region of the Amazon. She is an activist and ceramic artist, with a bachelor’s degree in law from the Federal University of Western Pará. She is part of the indigenous women’s collective “As Karuana” and a member of the Kuximawara Association of indigenous women artists and craftswomen from Alter do Chão.

Vandria joined us September-October 2023 for a residency to create work for our This is a Forest exhibition as part of Leeds 2023. She created a number of large ceramic pieces which were then fired by our neighbours Clay Yorkshire.

The works, Yupirungáwa features tucumâ and curuá seeds in ceramic, sculpted in large scale to transport us to the botanical remains found during excavations in the archaeological sites of Porto Santarém, in the town of Santarém, and of Caverna da Pedra Pintada, in Monte Alegre, both in the state of Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon region.

Henry at YSP

Artist in Residence - 2023

Henry Cottam – Scunthorpe, Leeds, UK

Henry is a visual artist working across sculpture, moving image and print making. For the past four years he has been developing a project exploring Scunthorpe and Redcar’s steel industries and histories. He develops new ways of experiencing and preserving this industry’s unique history through methods of documentation, excavation, archiving and material investigation.

He spent his residency exploring and interrogating various different methods of scanning and capture to develop his work further. From trips into the park with the LiDAR, developing various bits of footage from site, exploring sound recording, scanning found objects with the artec micro scanner and exploring creative outputs through the workshop, and CNC.

Osmose square

Artist in Residence - 2022

Aurelie Fontan and Ashley Granter – Retford, UK

Aurelie and Ashley are the founders of Osmose an interdisciplinary design studio focused on regenerative circularity and sustainability, and Mykko an award winning mycelium leather company.

Their practice centres on pushing the boundaries of traditional crafts such as wood work and botanical dyes, maintaining transparency in the design process and only making use of organic/ethically sourced materials. Committed to countering generically wasteful trends, Aurelie and Ashley advocate for a symbiotic lifestyle. In addition to living harmoniously, they want to push the boundaries on what can be achieved with pure, natural resources.

During their residency they will also be collaborating and consulting on the completion of the bio lab in our studio. Alongside exploring ideas for the development of the studio garden from the perspective of it as a materials resource.

Bhavani Esapathi square 2

Artist in Residence - 2021

Bhavani Esapathi – Newcastle, UK

Bhavani or ‘B’ is a writer, maker & social-tech activist working in the intersections of art, health sciences & digital technology. Much of her work shed light on hidden institutional practices which affect minority communities, those with chronic or invisible health conditions and [im]migrants . She also founded The Invisible Labs [] which is a global hub for those who experience autoimmune diseases. Some of the organisations she has collaborated with include The British Council, The Royal Society for the Arts, Innovate UK, ACE, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Archives etc. Her invisible storytelling project won the WIRED Magazine’s ‘Creative Hack Award’ in the ‘most innovate idea as social response’ category in Tokyo, Japan.

As part of her residency at Invisible Flock, she is exploring ways to bring these three strands; access to adequate healthcare, migratory politics & climate action together in order visualise an inclusionary model to combat the current climate emergency.


Image credit Päivi Kallio
Artist portrait square

Artist in Residence - 2021

Miia Kettunen – Rovaniemi, Finland

Miia is a Rovaniemi-based Finnish artist who has after several years of working as a freelance costume designer (MA), developed a diverse way of project-oriented working as a visual artist. Her works are often site-specific with the consideration for the environment and derivatives to questions on how the work can originate from and communicate with the surrounding community. Her artistic techniques are evolving and transforming with each project she works on as she places much importance on the initiative nature of the work and her communal role as an artist mediator. 

In the Cost of Innovation residency she will study the subtle space and communication between human and nature and if the often missing sense of interconnectedness could be modulated into interconnecting points of coherence with the combined use of LiDAR technology and photography. 


Artist in Residence - November 2019

Caroline Sinders – Berlin, Germany

During her residency Caroline conducted workshops under the title  of The Feminist Data Set. Designed to explore how data collection can be used as an artistic practice and a collaborative, community practice. Asking what does ethical and communal technology creation and consumption look like?

Caroline is a machine learning design researcher and artist. She is the founder of Convocation Design + Research, a design and research agency focusing on the intersections of machine learning, user research, designing for public good, and solving communication difficult problems. As a designer and researcher, she’s worked with groups like Amnesty International, Intel, IBM Watson, the Wikimedia Foundation as well as others. She is also a research fellow with Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and Policy. Caroline holds a master’s degree from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

IMG_4354 copy

Artist in Residence - June 2019

Irma Catherine Wange – Kampala, Uganda

Irma uses design to engage, empower and educate across canvas, through painting, photography, product design, and transportation design to communicate with space, aimed at discovering and solving design challenges in our surroundings. She has learned experience through working with different projects, such as the Kiira Ev project at Makerere University Centre for Research in Transportation.

Technologies (now known as Kiira Motors Uganda), which involved exploring green technology in electric vehicles for a period of one year (2012 – 2013) as an undergraduate research assistant. Irma gained more interest in design challenges such as, liking the design industry to design practice for sustainable product design development in Uganda (LID Project). This later gave birth to more and more projects including working with i-CMiiST on road safety using creative methods. This has helped her pursue her passion in their respective disciplines.

Profile photo

Artist in Residence - March 2019

Akeelah Bertram – Leeds, UK 

During her residency Akeelah explored new fabrication and prototyping techniques that have resulted in the development of a new installation exploring the diaspora experience titled Return. Return explores the idea of diaspora as physical, mental and social states of separation in the form of interactive portals connecting audiences in different spaces.

Akeelah is a visual artist who creates immersive environments out of light and sound. Inspired by phenomenology and structuralism, her work aims to situate audiences in unfamiliar environments to challenge physical and ideological perspectives. Akeelah studied Fine Art at the University of Leeds before going on to complete an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Over the last 10 years she has produced independent and collaborative works, exhibiting nationally and internationally.

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Invisible Flock are based at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Our studio includes a design space, workshop and laboratory where all of our work and research takes place and are equipped accordingly. The workshop is designed for working with a wide variety of materials, and is equipped with a Laser cutter, a CNC, 3D printers and a comprehensive selection of workshop tools both bench mounted and hand tools. The laboratory is a fully equipped electronics prototyping lab, with an array of prototyping tools boards and components, as well as digital third party tools such as kinects, myo armbands etc. We also have a wide variety of computing options ranging from embeddable boards to powerful GPU machines and a selection of field recording and sound equipment.

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