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Nada Bumi

Nada Bumi

Nada Bumi (Earth Tones) is an interactive sensory exhibition that invites you to rethink your own relationship with some of the earth’s most important ecosystems. 

Your presence awakens a series of sculptural, imagined environments, with sound, illumination and movement. Each ecosystem is underpinned by field recordings and an immense collection of biodata. The artwork has been developed from multiple journeys within Indonesia and Amazonia, transformed into a composition unique to each experience. 

This exhibition asks us to consider and critically engage with the human impact on these landscapes and our history of controlling, extracting, and mining them for our own progress.

Nada Bumi was First developed and presented by Invisible Flock and Digital Nativ collaborating together in Indonesia, commissioned by the British Council in 2017 and 2019. 


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Earth Tones is by Invisible Flock (UK) and Digital Nativ (Indonesia) in collaboration with LABVERDE (Brazil).

Developed with support from Natura Design; Dr Terence P. Kee, School of Chemistry, University of Leeds and Jochen Schongart.

Originally commissioned by British Council Indonesia as part of UK/ID Festival 2017 and supported by Arts Council England.

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