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Nada Bumi (Earth Tones) is a collaboration with Digital Nativ (ID). Over 10 days and 48,223 kms we collected sound, air, biodata and samples from across Java and Flores, visiting some of the most diverse and extreme landscapes in Indonesia in an attempt to capture the data footprint of these ecosystems at the forefront of climate change. Uncovering natural hidden phenomenons; the electrical energy that plants generate, the slow bleaching of corals, the seismic patterns left in a lava flow, the work attempts to capture, reimagine and highlight the fragility of these eroding landscapes and challenge our relationship to them.

Nada Bumi is an interactive sensory environment, with an invitation to touch and explore the installation in order to affect it.

Locations include; Goa Jomblang, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, Baluran National Park, Komodo, Rinca Island & Flores Sea, Labuan Bajo, Ruteng Spider Rice Fields, Liang Bua Cave, Mangeruda Hot Springs, Mt. Kelimutu.  

Sampled elements include; water, soil, pollution, field recordings, biodata from plants.

Nada Bumi was exhibited in Makassar as part of Wallacea Week, A festival of inspiration, education and arts to celebrate the science and the diversity of the Wallacea Region and Indonesia.

 23-28 November 2019 Wallacea Exhibition | Nipah Mall

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