Out From The Flood

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Out From The Flood

Out From The Flood

Out From the Flood is a durational, immersive and multi-sensory experience now available online.

The work explores environmental data measured at the Oulanka Research Station in north-eastern Finland as it unfolds over this unusual times surrounding COVID-19. Visualising time before, during, and the shift out of the first lockdown and how this period has influenced the environment in the Oulanka National Park.

In the sub arctic forests surrounding the Oulanka Research Station there are experiments designed to monitor environmental data and exist beyond our lifetime. This work draws on that data directly and is a live dialogue with the research taking place. This is a durational work that will evolve over a year. Keep checking back as further datasets, locations and interactions are added.


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Out From The Flood is a collaboration between Invisible Flock X Subzero. This project is commissioned by The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes’ Together Alone project.


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